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Cavity Prevention

At our office, prevention is key to successful dental treatment.  This is why we have implemented CAMBRA protocols to our office where we can prevent further decay up to 74% of the time!  The acronym CAMBRA stands for “CAries Management By Risk Assessment”. CAMBRA is a method of assessing caries (cavity) risk levels and making dental treatment and restoration recommendations based on a patient’s caries risk.

A simple comparison used to understant CAMBRA is to compare it to a risk assessment for heart disease your physician may perform during a physical examination.

When assessing risk for heart disease, a physician will perform tests for blood pressure and cholesterol count. Then they will examine and interview for other risk factors such as heredity, age, sex, tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, weight, dietary habits, physical activity level, stress level, and other present disease conditions.

The physician will then make recommendations based on the above risk factors. For example, patients with a low-level risk for heart disease may be good candidates for running a marathon or having any elective cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, patients with a high-level risk for heart disease may not be good candidates for running a marathon or having elective surgery and may require medical intervention such as prescription medications or diet and exercise counseling.

Dental professionals who perform CAMBRA are performing a similar function. Based on risk factors for caries disease, dental professionals will perform tests for oral bacteria levels as well as take x-rays and perform a thorough oral examination. They will then examine disease indicators and risk factors such as current decay condition, current bacterial challenge, decay history, dietary habits, current daily medications, saliva flow, medical conditions, presence of oral appliances or braces, and oral hygiene habits.

Patients who are assessed as high risk are more likely to have failures of expensive dental work due to recurrent decay. The dentist performing CAMBRA will include treating the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth in addition to the restorative treatment plan based on the patient’s specific risk factors to reduce the risk of restoration or cosmetic failure due to recurrent decay.  The bacteria in the mouth is controlled using special toothpaste, rinses, laser treatment, and even special candies/gums!

Factors increasing risk of developing caries also may include, but are not limited to, high amounts of cariogenic bacteria, poor oral hygiene, prolonged nursing (bottle or breast), poor family dental health, developmental or acquired enamel defects, genetic abnormality of teeth, many multi-surface restorations, chemotherapy or radiation therapy causing inadequate saliva flow, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, irregular dental care, cariogenic diet with frequent snacking between meals plus acidic beverages, active orthodontic treatment, presence of exposed root surfaces, restoration overhangs and open margins, and physical or mental disability with inability or unavailability of performing proper oral health care.

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